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SCR888 Online Casino In Malaysia

Scr888 Gives you the most benefits in online casino gambling for Malaysians! We would like you to try it out for yourself!

Play more and win more with SCR888 online and you can have a chance at the larger prizes such as jackpots and bonuses as well. This platform is especially famous in Malaysia for being easy to use even on older generation phones. The mobile game is great for people who love to gamble away from a real life casino.

The game gets frequent updates to stay stable on all mobile platforms, especially for ios and android phones. We love the fact that the animations are even smooth and fast on older phones.

Why Choose SCR888 from Livemobile?

We have dedicated customer support agents who handle your problems and transfers as fast as possible. Transfers even have proof. We do our best in maintaining a good relationship with all customers.

Our RM50, 000 withdraw limit is more than enough for anyone looking to gamble big online! Our best agents will come and serve you if you want to cash out big money. Transfers are all safe and fast with an anonymous transfer system.

Old game with a lot of flaws can have exploits. Try and find ways to beat the game so you will win more. We encourage players to use any methods they would like to play the game and come out a winner.

Steps To Download And Play SCR888

1. Download the game and get it installed.
2. Contact one of our gaming agents for an account
3. Login with your new account details and enjoy!

Steps To Withdraw or Cashout With Our Agents

1. Tell them your account number for SCR888
2. Tell them how much you want to withdraw
3. Pass them your banking details to get your transfer

Wechat: Livemobile55

Whatsapp: Click here

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